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All About Santa Monica Pier

A little history: The Santa Monica Pier was first opened in 1909 and wasnot originally created for amusement purposes. In fact it was originally afor helping the city deal with its sanitation needs, i.e. how to deal with itssewage! However, the pier quickly became popular with the local fishingcommunity and local businesses started to see […]

Top 10 Socially-Distanced Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Lockdown orders, travel restrictions, and the desire to socially distance has forced us to reimagine traveling in Los Angeles, or in any city. Here are 10 places in Los Angeles that are well-adapted to the current circumstances. Griffith Park The crown jewel of LA’s park system, this expansive area is six times larger than New […]

6 Tips to Survive (and enjoy) The Hollywood Walk of Fame

It may be one of the most famous places in Los Angeles, but for reasons deserved and undeserved, the star-filled Hollywood Walk of Fame has a less than stellar reputation. Between the crowds, the griminess, the noise, and the difficulty of access, you may be tempted to skip the area when you visit Los Angeles. […]