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Dolby Theatre

The stairs leading up to the entrance of the Dolby Theatre have a glittering effect created by the mosaic tilework.

The current site of the Academy Awards is located within the Hollywood and Highland shopping complex. While the inside of the theatre is not open for visitors, there is still plenty to see. Imagine the red carpet entrance with Hollywood Boulevard blocked off to create the entrance for the stars through the 5-story tall arches, down the hall between the pillars commemorating every Oscar winner starting from Wings, with spaces reserved all the way to 2074. Take a photo on the staircase with its glimmering mosaic effect, then go up to the entrance and take in the grandeur of the space and its contrast with the surrounding shopping mall; it will make you appreciate the Hollywood magic that goes into making the Oscars a glamourous ceremony!

You can visit the Dolby Theatre and many other places in a single day through a private 1-day tour of Los Angeles while respecting social distancing guidelines. See the best sights of LA and learn more about the City of Angels! Inquire at for more details.

6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

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